Commercial Construction in Charleston, SC

Diamond Quality Construction can help you with any and all commercial construction services you may need. Whether it’s you’re looking for design build construction services or planning to renovate existing structures, we have the expertise you seek. Whether your industry is healthcare, industrial, retail, or any other commercial business, we can help you with your construction needs. When you choose Diamond Quality Construction, you can be confident that you’ll be getting the best price for the best quality. 

We stand out from other commercial construction companies in Charleston, SC, for several reasons.  We take care to hire people with vision who are committed and hardworking, and it makes all the difference in the quality of the work we produce. Our team of talented general and commercial contractors in Charleston, SC, is driven by integrity and passion. 

We take pride in our work and our reputation, which means that we do our very best with each and every project we take on. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us—we want you to be completely happy with the results of your commercial project, and you can expect that we will be meticulous with every detail, no matter the size of your project.

Commercial Design-Build Services

We will work with you to create exactly what you want, from the initial design to full completion. Do you have your own architect or designer? No problem. We love working with other professionals! 

We are licensed and experienced in building commercial properties from the ground up, and we can also do commercial renovations. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new ground-up development or you have a building or buildings that need a complete makeover, Diamond Quality Construction will be there every step of the way.

Commercial Interior Renovation Services

Structural Repair and Redesign

Whether you need to repair damage or redesign the structure of a new space, we can help! We can assess and repair damage or work with you to envision and implement a new layout for your commercial building.


We can help you select the best flooring to fit your commercial construction needs and budget from hardwood to carpet, tile, linoleum, epoxy, and everything in between. We are experienced in complete remodels including structure and base flooring repair as well as joist replacement and repair.

This is important because a damaged base structure can cause your floor to crack, your carpet to shift and buckle, and ultimately decrease the longevity of your new floor. We’ll do a thorough inspection prior to putting down your new floor so you have no surprises.


Repainting your interior walls is a great way to in some cases dramatically increase the look of your business. Our commercial painting services also include ceiling painting, drywall repair, and warehouse-style ceiling painting.

Acoustical Ceilings

Whether your commercial space has a trendy, exposed ceiling design or you’re more concerned with simply preventing a loud interior environment, we can help you with installing commercial acoustical ceilings.

Roofing & Gutters

Proper roofing helps to prevent damage from leaks, adds insulation, and reduces heating and cooling costs. Gutters also help to prevent water damage to your property—an important factor to consider here in Charleston! 

We are experienced in all types of roofing options, including repair and total replacement, and will work with you to help you choose a roof that is best suited for your commercial construction needs. 


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Commercial Exterior Renovation Services

Painting & Siding 

A fresh coat of paint, whether interior or exterior, can make a huge difference in the look of your building! Good siding can not only make your building look better, but it can also protect the condition, prevent unnecessary damage repairs (and costs), and increase its value. 

We specialize in all interior and exterior commercial finishes including paint, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, fiberglass siding, and cement siding.

Windows & Doors

Decrease your utility costs by making sure that your windows and doors are well-made, insulated, and fit properly. Improving doors and windows can also simply improve overall appearance—a factor that is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. 

Think about it: windows and doors are often part of a prospective client or customers first impressions of your business or property. Old windows and doors not only will raise utility expenses, but they could drive away business.  It might seem like a minor detail, but you’ll be surprised at the difference new windows or doors can make. 

Masonry & Concrete

Give your commercial property a new look with our masonry or concrete services! 

Take a look at our portfolio and give us a call today for more information on what our commercial construction company in Charleston, SC, can do for you!